KiloLambda raised $ 3.5 million in the first round financing led by Yozma Group
Wednesday, August 1, 2001
Dr. Ram Oron and Doron Nevo founded KiloLambda in early 2001 to develop technology for multi-wavelength transmitter and receiver subsystems and components for DWDM systems. In June 2001, KiloLambda raised $ 3.5 million in the first round financing led by Yozma Group and including Skypoint Capital and private investors. The company anticipates additional capital requirement of roughly $ 8-$ 10 million in Q1 2002. KiloLambda has 6 employees.

KiloLambda is proposing a novel solution where the number of channels will be increased tenfold, i.e. up to 1000 channels, using the existing fiber and amplifier infrastructure. The company plans to use 12.5Ghz channel spacing in phase 1 and 1Ghz channel spacing in phase 2. KiloLambda believes its product will replace subsystems in existing fiber optic systems and become the core technology used in future DWDM optical communication systems.

The technology is claimed to have a significantly lower cost per lambda, increases bandwidth on existing fiber lines and Erbium amplifiers, relaxed environmental restrictions like temperature and humidity, is applicable for all wavelengths region (1.5, 1.3 and 0.8 mm), and has smaller physical dimension than existing fixed wave links solutions. Potential customers include major DWDM system integrators and vendors such as Lucent, Cisco, Nortel, Ciena and Alcatel as well as subsystems and component manufactures such as Corning and JDS Uniphase.

Doron Nevo, President & CEO (previously held several positions at Sprint International. He was the founder and CEO of NKO and Clalcom, and venture partner at Yozma.)
Dr. Ram Oron, CTO (specialized in novel laser systems and fiber optical amplifiers)
Dr. Moshe Oron, Chief Scientist (previously the founder and manager of the laser and optical activity at Soreq research center, head of Optronics division in the Israeli MOD and the Chief Scientist of El-Op group/Elbit)
Tzachi Ben Gal, VP of Marketing (previously the founder and CEO of TeleSpear technologies)


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