Yozma has earned worldwide recognition as the creator of the Israeli venture capital industry. Yozma makes equity investments in technology companies engaged in fields where Israel has demonstrated world leadership. The Group targets high-growth companies in the sectors of Communications, Information Technologies and Life Sciences.

Yozma effectively created the Israeli venture capital market in 1993 through the formation of its first venture fund, Yozma I. Originating from a government program aimed at prompting venture investments in Israel, Yozma I has transformed the domestic landscape of private equity investments. Over a period of three years, the Group established ten drop-down funds, each capitalized with more than $20 million. In parallel Yozma started making direct investments in start up companies. This marked the beginning of a professionally managed venture capital market in Israel. Today, Yozma's drop down funds constitute the backbone of the Israeli venture market.



With the backing of prominent American, European and Israeli investors, Yozma successfully launched its second fund, Yozma II, which commenced operations in September 1998 and its third fund, Yozma III in 2002. Yozma II & III continued the successful strategy of making direct investments in technology companies and to play a significant role as a value added investor by recruiting senior managers, formulating business strategies, raising additional capital rounds and attracting strategic and financial investors to its portfolio companies.

Since inception the Group has managed more than $220 million in its three funds: Yozma I, Yozma II and Yozma III have made direct investments in about 50 portfolio companies. The Group helped a significant number of its portfolio companies go public on major stock exchanges in the US and Europe. In addition, the Group was instrumental in positioning its portfolio companies for acquisition or an investment by leading corporations such as America On Line, Cisco, Computer Associates, ECI Telecom, General Instruments, Johnson & Johnson, Medtronic, Microsoft, Sequoia Capital and Benchmark.
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