E-Sim, established in 1990, develops and markets an advanced simulation technology, named the Rapid family, for electronic development, interactive training and Web-based "virtual products" for the embedded systems market. E-Sim technology and products are setting the standard for providing prototyping and development solutions to the world's leading consumer electronics, telecommunications and office automation companies. E-Sim's customer list includes companies like Motorola, Israel Aircraft Industries, Elscint and Nokia. In July 1998, the company went public in the US (NASDAQ: ESIM). In October 1999, the company has signed a strategic partnership with America On Line (NYSE: AOL).
    Symbol: ESIM (NASDAQ)  
    Status: Went Public  
    Fund I  
    Email E-SIM  
    P.O.Box 45002, Kiryat Mada 5, Har hotzvim Jerusalem 97770  
    Marc Belsberg, CEO  
    Founded 1990  

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