Inspectech, established in 1996, develops, manufactures and sells automatic inspection equipment aimed at maximizing yield in back-end semiconductor manufacturing. Inspectech’s first product – KIS2000 is an automatic inspection system which maximizes the yield of one of the most aggressive semiconductor manufacturing steps, the dicing (sawing) of silicon wafers into hundreds of single dies (chips). The KIS2000 system automatically detects defects, collects data, and analyzes trends. KIS2000 not only replaces traditional human visual eye inspection, but most importantly, diagnoses the need for corrections in the sawing process parameters ahead of time, resulting in valuable yield improvement and rapid return-on-investment. The company plans to develop a family of inspection tools aimed at performing bump inspection, a process that is done manually today.
In August 2001, Inspectech was acquired by Camtek Ltd. (NASDAQ: CAMT).
    Status: Acquired  
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