Telegate, established in 1993, is a leading provider of local access systems that deliver voice and data communication services to residential and business cable subscribers. The Company enables the cable TV operators to penetrate new market sectors, create additional revenue streams and compete more effectively, offering low upgrading and maintenance costs. To date, Telegate has signed two major strategic partnership agreements with ECI Telecom Ltd. (NASDAQ: ECIL) and General Instrument Corporation (NYSE: GIC). In December 1999, Telegate was acquired by Terayon Communication Systems (NASDAQ: TERN).
    Symbol: TERN (NASDAQ)  
    Status: Acquired  
    Fund I , Fund II  
    Email Telegate  
    132 Petach Tikva Rd., Tel Aviv 67021  
    Daniel Oleifki, CEO  
    Founded 1993  

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