Ubique, established in 1993, developed an enabling technology platform for Internet-based communication and collaboration. The company provided its products to companies working to deliver real-time, multimedia on-line services to consumers worldwide. Yozma co-led the investment in Ubique. America On Line (NYSE: AOL) acquired the company in September 1995.
Flixel, established in 1998, developed a revolutionary type of Flat Panel Display (FPD) based upon a series of unique MicroElectroMechanical Systems (MEMS) innovations. MEMS is a technology that combines computers with tiny mechanical devices such as sensors, valves, gears, mirrors, and actuators embedded in semiconductor chips. MEMS technology allows Flixel to create micro-flippers of just a few microns. These microscopic flippers flip back and forth, exposing either a white/colored surface or a black surface, together forming pixels and an entire visual display.
    Symbol: AOL (NYSE)  
    Status: Acquired  
    Fund II  
    Email Ubique  
    P.O.Box 2523, Rehovot  
    Alon Kleiman, CEO  
    Founded 1993  

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