Predix, (Formerly Bio-Information Technologies Ltd.), established in 1999, develops a breakthrough computational tools for predicting the 3-dimensional structure of proteins that can lead to drugs for major diseases.

Predix bridges the gap between information provided by the Human Genome Project and the design of disease-fighting molecules by applying its novel technology to the DNA sequence of a family of proteins known as G- Protein Coupled Receptors (GPCRs). About thirty percent of drugs in current use, interact with GPCRs.

Predix has generated 3-D models of GPCRs and plans to use its proprietary technologies to design and discover small-molecule drugs for GPCR-related ailments such as neurological and cardiovascular diseases, depression, obesity, pain and viral infections.

    Status: First round  
    Fund II  
    Email Predix  
    Sap Building, 3 Hayetzira St.
Ramat Gan 52521, Israel
    Prof. Haim Aviv, Ph.D., CEO  
    Founded 1999  

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