DiscoTech, established in 1997, designs, develops, and sells implantable devices for orthopedic surgery. The Company’s implantable devices currently address three main markets: (i) disc fixation device – Percutaneous inserted expandable intervertebral cage for treatment of degenerative disc disease; (ii) expandable intra-medullar nails for both long and short bones; and (iii) implantable expandable dental root. The major benefits of the company’s proprietary technology are reduced trauma, shorter hospitalization and reduced operating time. At the beginning of 2000, the Company received an FDA approval and a CE Mark for its long bones product and started selling in Europe.
    Status: Third round  
    Fund II  
    Email Discotech  
    3 Hasadnaot, St. Herzlia 46728  
    Elad Magal, CEO  
    Founded 1997  

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