In both Yozma I and Yozma II, the Group has demonstrated an enduring capacity to identify early stage investment opportunities and help them reach the IPO/M&A stage. The following table presents notable portfolio exits of companies in which Yozma was a seed, lead or early-stage investor:
  The select cases below demonstrate the special capacity of the Group to identify early-stage companies with highly-differentiated technologies, to add significant value to these companies, and attract world leading strategic and financial investors.

Yozma holds seats on the Boards of Directors of virtually all of the Group's portfolio companies.
Through its extensive worldwide network of contacts and relationships, Yozma was able to help its portfolio companies grow and attract leading international corporations.

The Yozma management team was actively involved in the selection of many of the international investors/partners in its portfolio companies. Following are some of the entities that have made a significant investment in and/or have entered into a strategic agreement with Yozma's portfolio companies.

The Group's efforts in creating value in its portfolio companies haven't gone unnoticed. Here's what some of our portfolio companies have to say about us.


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