Mr. Goldschmidt was the co-founder of Yozma and the core of its management team since inception in January 1993. Mr. Goldschmidt led many of Yozma's investments in Communications and Internet companies, including E-sim (NASDAQ: ESIM), CommTouch (NASDAQ: CTCH), Telegate (acquired by Terayon Communications, NASDAQ: TERN), HarmonyCom - recently received an investment from Cisco (NASDAQ: CSCO), and Trellis Photonics - recently received investment from Agilent (NYSE:A) and Enron (NYSE: ENE).

Prior to joining Yozma, Goldschmidt gained extensive experience as head of the Royalties Department at the Office of the Chief Scientist. In this capacity Mr. Goldschmidt evaluated investments in hundreds of high-tech companies primarily in the fields of Communications, Software, and Microelectronics.

Mr. Goldschmidt holds a BA degree in Economics and an MBA degree from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.


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